Le Tréport and Activities

- His highest chalk cliffs in Europe
- The beach with his epic of the first sea-bathing "A la belle époque"
- The fishing port and fish market
- The marina
- Fishing on foot with the gathering of mussels
- His specialty restaurants Fish and seafood
- The casino
- His walks and hikes (cliffs, countryside, "Chemin vert du petit Caux")
- The Museum (managed by the Association for Children of the old Tréport)
- The Harengade Autumn (organized by the Committee for the Protection of the district Cordiers)
- Fair in the spring of mussels
- The smoked fish Delgove

( blog of Gareth Jones: http://www.garethjonesfood.com/6625/kippers-and-tea-in-le-treport/ )
- The Sea trips (website: http://www.edenletreport.fr.st )
- The angling
- The train route linking the three cities Sisters (Eu, Seas, Tréport)



But also:


- The beautiful villas of Mers-les-Bains with its beach familliale
- The valley with its tradition of glass Bresle
- The forest of Eu
- The Bay of Somme and the bird park Marquenterre
- The port city of Dieppe
- Local produce: fish, seafood, cider, Calva, knob ...
- Shop / Workshop: Beading "enter in" 5 quai François 1er, Sales, Manufacturing, Proof. (02-35-86-84-97)


You will find a wide variety of tourism leaflets in reception and we will try to provide you with as much information as we can within the limits of our knowledge. The Tourist Office of the city of Le Tréport (Quai Sadi Carnot 76470 Le Tréport) is obviously at your disposal (tel: 02 35 86 05 69) during opening hours.

You will find many links on our Internet site:www.hoteldecalais.com. and also on the site of the Tourist Office of the city of Le Tréport: www.ville-le-le treport.fr.
Our region offers many opportunities for coastal hiking and related activities. At Le Tréport, our cliffs rise to a height of more than 100 metres and are, therefore, the highest chalk cliffs on the European coast. At 25 km further north, the Somme bay is part of one of the most beautiful bays of the world. Its ecosystem and its low-lying fields form the natural staging point for dozens of species of migratory birds; as well as of traditional activity of small water fowl hunters using "duck blinds".
The Baie de Somme is also home to a colony of 400 seals / common seals.


ATTENTION: be sure to check tide timetables before exploring the foot of the cliffs and beware of the danger of landslides or falling rocks. Similarly, extreme caution is advised when walking along the cliff tops. The sea is like the mountains. Treat it with humility and respect.


Falaises du Tréport pêcheur sur le port


Le Tréport is also its port, fishing, its pebble beach and sea bathing, its restaurants, its tall cliffs with its funicular, its relics of the Second World War such as the Kahl-Burg bunker dug into the cliff, its historical monuments such as the 16th century St James church, the museum of old Tréport, the little tourist train that runs along the road, all the events organized by different associations throughout the year, its casino.
Going back up toward the north, skirt Le Tréport, the city of Mers les bains, Picardie with its sea front and splendid colourful 19th century villas.
And then still travelling to the north, after the Bois de Cises, the cliffs drop down to Ault, leaving the way to low-lying fields and then to the Bay of the Somme. A little old train takes you on a tour of the Bay between Saint Valery sur Somme and Le Crotoy. In the north of the Bay, the Le Marquenterre park is a haven of peace for migratory birds.
Le Tréport is located at the mouth of the Valley of the Bresle. This small river has its source close to Aumale, this valley is also known as the nicknamed the « Glass Valley» because of its historical glass-making past. The river is edged by a myriad of small ponds.
The Royal city of EU merges with Le Tréport by making its way back up the valley of the Bresle. It is has many historical monuments such its Louis-Philippe château/museum and its 12th century collegiate church as well as the museum of glass-making traditions.
Eu/Mers/Le Tréport form the 3 sister towns straddling the Seine Maritime in Normandy and the Somme in Picardy.

The forest of EU fringes the south side of the valley.
A few kilometres further south, there is the more "natural" valley of the Yères.
Its estuary is at Criel on the Sea.

Many small valleys pierce the tall vertical cliffs up to Dieppe (and beyond). Dieppe is located 30 km on the coast south of Le Tréport. A few Km from Dieppe is the pretty village of Varengeville, located on the Cap D’Ailly.


Falaises du Tréport Vue depuis la falaises du Tréport

Carte de randonnées (création Pays d'acceuil de la Bresle Maritime)


- Tréport Tourist Office / Tourist Information Office : (Quai Sadi Carnot 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 86 05 69

- Tourist Information Office for the town of Eu : (Place Guillaume le Conquérant 76260 Eu) : 02 35 86 04 68

- Mers les bains Tourist Office : (43 rue Jules Barni 80350 Mers les Bains) : 02 27 28 06 46

- Criel sur Mer Tourist Office  : (60 rue de la libération 76910 Criel sur Mer) : 02 35 86 56 91

- Vallée de la Bresle Maritime Tourist Information Office : (12 ave Jacques Anquetil 76260 Eu) : 02 27 28 20 88

- Museum of the old "Tréport" : (1 rue de l’Anguainerie 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 86 13 36

- Tréport town hall : (Rue François Mitterrand 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 50 55 20

- Tréport casino : (Esplanade Louis Aragon 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 86 35 45

- Saurisserie Tréportaise / S.A. Delgove "smoked fish" : (Z.A. Sainte Croix 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 86 29 36

- Sea or fishing excursions on board the Eden or the "l’Etoile filante" : ( website : http://www.edenletreport.fr.st )

(M. Charles Masson, billetterie Place de la Poissonnerie 76470 Le Tréport) : 02 35 86 82 62 ou 02 35 50 38 87

- Fishmongers: sur le quai François 1er : la poissonnerie de la Cote et sur la place de la poissonnerie :
   la poissonnerie Municipale.

- Many restaurants and shops: see the list of restaurants at

  the TréportOTSI or practical guides to places to eat available in reception.

-Pearls: Galerie Verre Mer/ Frédéric Marey : gare basse du Funiculaire, rue Amiral Courbet 76470 Le Tréport:
  06 70 89 04 31

- Weather forecasts : Seine Maritime : 08 99 71 02 76 ; maritime weather forecasts: 08 99 71 08 08

- Bowling : Bowl in Café, Rond point de Froideville - 80350 Mers les Bains : 02 35 83 57 52

- Glass blower: Verre d’art de la Bresle, M. Dei Rossi (23 route d’Eu 76340 Blangy sur Bresle) :
  02 35 93 57 01

- Furniture manufacturer: Maison Hatté : (5 rue de la place 80640 Tronchoy) : 03 22 90 61 32

- Weaving of straw objects : M. Mariette Roger (2 rue des Champs 76370 Derchigny-Graincourt) :
  02 35 83 63 26

- Decoration Navy: L’embarcadère : (25 rue de l’Amiral Courbet, Gare basse du Funiculaire 76470
  Le Tréport):02 35 84 89  91

- Producers of cider and cider brandy:
- Susan Tailleux : 35 rue de Chantereine 76910 Crie sur Mer : 02 35 86 78 54 ou 06 66 75 74 05
- Michel Métel (distillateur) : 13 rue de l’Yères 76260 Sept-Meules : 02 35 50 82 33